Green Sapphire

  • A truly unique statement robe. Striking iridescent fabric with bold chevron pattern in bright blue, rich purple and zingy green. Beautifully finished with a shimmering gold trim. Made from silky, lightweight, pre-loved saree fabric. Semi-translucent in direct light.

    This robe has had a life before we ‘re-loved it’. Time has left its marks and we refer to these as ‘wabi-sabi’.

    Wabi-sabi - The Japanese art of finding beauty within imperfections. Celebrating the marks that time, weather & love leave behind.

    Robe wabi-sabi details: 4 marks on the front panel, on the right side, each mark measuring 1-2cm (as shown in image 3). Iridescent fabric and pattern aid in concealing the marks. Due to the pre-loved nature of the fabric there may be other, minor, imperfections present in the robe.

  • Robe Length: 125cm
    Robe Fit: up to UK size 16
    Model is: 5’4, dress size 6-8

    Fabric: silk blend, detailed composition unknown due to our saved fabric sourcing.

    Care instructions: We recommend hand washing with a specialist detergent in lukewarm water. Hang to air dry. Iron, if needed, on lowest temperature setting. 

    Pre-loved saree material sourced from Mumbai, India. Hand crafted and re-loved in Peckham.

  • The most sustainable fabrics are the ones that already exist; that's why we've crafted this beautiful, one-of-a-kind robe from pre-loved Indian sarees.

    We believe that the clothes we wear have the power to create change. A fabulous wardrobe needn’t come at too high a price for our planet. Utilising pre-loved fabrics moves us one step closer to a circular fashion future that’s kinder to people & planet.

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