The Robe Collection

The most sustainable fabrics are the ones that already exist; that's why we've searched to find beautiful pre-loved saris to create luxurious one-of-a-kind robes. Our search led us, in a virtual way, to Mumbai in India where we worked with Gayatri, a female entrepreneur, to source our rich sari fabrics.

We've collaborated with our local expert designer-maker, Annie 'Two-Pins'. Together we have created a bespoke robe design that will flatter the figure and celebrate the beauty of the sumptuous prints.



We believe that the clothes we wear have the power to create change. A fabulous wardrobe needn’t come at too high a price for our planet. Utilising pre-loved fabrics moves us one step closer to a circular fashion future that’s kinder to people & planet.


Life isn't perfect but imperfections have a beauty all of their own. We believe that imperfections, whether within ourselves or in the objects around us, deserve to be celebrated.

Our robes have had a life before we reloved them and time has left behind small wabi-sabi moments in each. These moments are celebrated and shared transparently in our photographs.

The perfect pairing

We think our blank canvas pyjamas are the perfect backdrop for any Reloved robe. For the month of April our Blank Canvas pyjamas will be on offer at the special price of £65.