About Remi Rough

Remi Rough is our resident artist and Co-Founder. Remi is a London based contemporary artist whose work is often referred to as "visual symphonies", thanks to his keen eye for the geometrical treatment of form, colour, line and space.  His skilled work can be seen across the world including adorning walls in the MB6 Marrakech Biennale, the DC Mural Project in Washington, the Dubai Sole Dxb as well as more local projects such as the Ghost Village in Scotland and the facade of the Megaro Hotel in central London.

Remi Rough’s Pjoys Artwork

Remi Rough’s gender neutral pyjama set is based on a painting called Continuation, reflecting the positive light surrounding him at the time and a reason for hope.  Something that we all need in our lives.  The bold, abstract black and pink angular shapes create a stunning geometrical piece of art in his signature style.

Remi is also the artist behind our very own Pjoys House Tag designs and ‘Embracing the &’ Tjoys t-shirts.